Business Performance Services

  • On-Site Team Seminars

  • Job Demands Analysis

  • Office Ergonomic Assessments

  • Monthly Newsletters and Online Resources

  • Workday Preparation Training

  • Employee on boarding Guides and Services.

Check out the Descriptions of Each Service Below

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Seminars that Enlighten.

As a kinesiologist and human performance specialist Aaron uses the latest scientific research to begin each talk. Once we lay a solid foundation of accessible science, we use that context to drive behavior change. Finally, we bring each seminar home with applicable and effective tool kits to make a lasting change for your team.

Custom Seminars

Book a seminar designed to your specific restaurant needs.

Sample Topics:

  • 3 Ways to Build Recovery and Resilience @ a Restaurant

  • Workstation Set Up: Prevent Injuries and Increase Performance

  • Kegs, Trays, and Bus Bin: Lift things that are Heavy Safely



A full physical demands assessment of a position in your organization.

Discover problems before they become one. Along with helping your team members return to work faster after injury.

When completed you will receive a full report comprised of ways to make the job safer, less fatiguing, and more efficient.

Boost performance and reduce employee absenteeism with the service.



Sometimes jobs cause fatigue levels similar to athletes. Reduce these risks by preparing your team members for the workday ahead.

I look at the whole picture of the job to make recommendations on pre-shift nutrition, workday warm-up and cool downs, exercises to strengthen muscles in chefs and servers, and techniques to prevent common restaurant injuries.


Employee On boarding Guides and Training Services

Do you have a large group of new hires each year at your company? Or you want to make sure that each new hire takes less time to get up to speed at your restaurant?

  • Balanced Life will design and curate a personal on boarding guide for your new team members.


  • Aaron can come directly to your establishment and teach a seminar based on your team performing better!

Have your team be up to speed on how to perform their best. Save time and the headache of having employees move in unsafe and unproductive manners ahead of time!


Monthly Newsletters and Performance Resources

Join the club and have monthly resources for your restaurant team.

Topics will include

  • Exercises to keep your employees strong

  • Shortcuts and strategies to help your restaurant shift go better

  • Strategies to manage the environment of working in a restaurant.

    All printable with your brand included on it.