The Restaurant Portal

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Working, managing, and owning a restaurant can be tough and grueling work.

Launching in the Fall 2019, Balanced Life will have a members portal to have resources available to individuals and restaurant teams alike.

This will include:

  • Techniques to manage your workday in a restaurant. Covering topics like nutrition, exercise, injury prevention and pain reduction, workday recovery techniques, workday warm-up policies, customer management, team communication.

  • Printable infographics to place in break rooms and staff training sites.

  • Streamable Webinars

  • Full length Articles from industry experts.

  • Members only Facebook Community.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the industry. Or a restaurant business looking for ways to support your team members. The Balanced Life Members Portal will be a must have for your teams.


The Restaurant Portal:

Fresh Resources Available Each Month.

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*For Restaurant Enterprise and Higher: All Resources can be branded with your company logo.


Does Better Performance, health, and business returns sound like exactly what you need for your Restaurant?

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