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The restaurant portal boosts retention rates in restaurant by giving team members access to the resources needed to have more energy, feel more engaged, and boost performance.

The average restaurant will spend $5,864 to recruit and train a new employee. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THE AVERAGE RESTAURANT ESTABLISHMENT WILL SPEND $146,600 ANNUALLY ON EMPLOYEE TURNOVEr!

Help your bottom line by giving your team members what they need to perform their best.

Every month you will receive fresh resources including:

  • Techniques to manage your workday in a restaurant. Covering topics like nutrition, exercise, injury prevention and pain reduction, workday recovery techniques, workday warm-up policies, customer management, team communication.

  • Printable infographics to place in break rooms and staff training sites.

  • Streamable Webinars

  • Full length Articles from industry experts.

  • Members only Facebook Community.

Want a Taste of what you will get in the portal? Check out the August Resources Sent directly to your inbox.

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