The Truth in Work Life Balance.

Ever since I created Balanced Life I have been asked:

“So what is a Balanced Life?”

My brain starts to work around how I should answer it this time. I start thinking of helping the person find a workout plan, connecting them to resources in my network, or discuss our philosophies of what a Balanced Life truly is.

I end up in this thought process time and time again, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As a Registered Health Professional, I have been trained to help people with their health goals. Finding the best way to connect with them about it is always step 1.

I do find it interesting that many people expect a concrete answer about finding the Balanced Life. Like telling them to exercise more will inspire a person to exercise 5 days a week. I doubt that a wellness epiphany of that magnitude has developed for anyone from one comment alone. This inherent need for us to want change but to be passive in our development comes from years of focused outside messaging.

We have been trained to believe that a Balanced Life requires a quantified to do list of spiritual, physical, and mental health goals. We grew up watching Sunday morning infomercials selling P90x and Bow Flexes, healthy eating capitalized by brands purporting healthy options, and the newest cleanse guaranteeing to bring you back to your Balanced self.

All of the above could be, and are great options! However, for years we have been sold direction without the will or drive to take us there. Different parts of the health industry have screamed from the roof tops to follow their process. In exchange for control, happiness, and performance we purchase through passivity in hopes that we find the correct result. On top of all this, we have terms like work/life balance to force us to feel inadequate about our choices if we don’t fit this pre-conceived notion of success. 

Don’t worry, I’ve bought into this culture as well time and time again. Almost every week I don’t complete all my exercise goals because I over schedule myself. I fail because I bought into the idea that a kinesiologist should be able to schedule workouts 5 days a week. Even if I’m meeting clients, speaking, and trying to do all the fun stuff too.

When did we buy into the idea that a successful work/life balance comes from an external stimulus and not ourselves?

I believe that a Balanced Life comes from a place of introspection and honesty. In turn, balance does not come at a quantified endpoint. True balance is fluid and changing, just like how humans develop and change on a regular basis.

  • Maybe you just started a new job and you are putting in a big effort to be kick-ass at it, so your regular exercise plan needs changed to fit your current lifestyle.

  • Maybe you got a big business meeting today and you didn’t have time to organize a packed lunch.

  • Maybe you opened a new business and you can’t foresee pulling off any healthy or balanced initiatives that require so much commitment.

  • Maybe you know you want to do something but all the options placed in front of you don’t seem like a good fit.

That is ok! Because balance is redefined almost constantly! Just like you are! Only you know what is going to be best for you. When you look inside and reflect on what kind of success you truly want, I am excited to see you achieve it!

I created Balanced Life to be the launch pad to where you want to go next. To give you a little bit of knowledge with real science and then leave you with tools to make the best decision for you!

Does the work life balance exist? Only if you find the balance that works for you, not anyone else.