Building the Best January for 2019.

It’s Coming……..

It started arriving 365 days ago……

Slowly inching its way towards the dawn of it’s awakening.

And now it is ready to germinate and expand towards a new growth.

2019 has arrived. Let us blossom into it.

You are probably wondering why I have taken the time to write some corny opening to this latest blog post. Mostly, I wanted to emulate a few Instagram posts I saw recently. I’m not sure if anyone else gets these ads, but I tend research into health topics quite heavily. Thus, I am always getting fitness and health products being forced on my Instagram and facebook feeds.

Seeing the products they promote always give me a chuckle with their guarantees and photoshopped fitness models on display. It seems like they expect your wants and desires to be similar to their journey and in turn, buy their product or program to get similar results.

That has nothing to do with you though.

Balanced Life is going to do things a little bit differently. 2019 is going to be the year where we take the world by storm. But it is you who will be in the driver seat. And you get to pick where we go.

Balanced Life believes in you. Because only you can create a plan that moves you in the direction you want to go. And because we believe that you are the architect of your own development, we know that you will create exactly what you need. 

Think of us as giving you tools to access the raw materials you have always wanted. Trusting that what you want to create will be perfect for you. Because you know you best.

 And with that I am excited to describe the great programming available in January.

January: Start with Success, Building a Goal.

Each week I will be writing articles on the science of Goal Setting. We will cover 50 years of research on what motivates people to complete a task. These will be sent out for your reading interest and pleasure.

January 1st – 6th: What are mechanisms that allow goals to affect performance

January 7th – 13th: The moderators to creating goals

January 14th – 20th: The effects of goals on performance

And to top it all off I will have a seminar on January 26th on how to take your goals from a thought in your head into reality.

You can purchase tickets here:

Happy New Year!

See you next week!