3 Apps that Organize and Increase your Productivity.

Everyday it feels like we wake up with less time. you would think as technology improves we could find ways to save time.

Shouldn’t our tech infused lives make that possible?

For the last four months, I have been going on a small journey to automate a few processes in my life. Particularly tasks I hate. Here are 3 apps I have been using to automate and streamline my life. Now, the magic of these apps appears when you put the work into harnessing them. Give yourself some play time to improve and feel their effect.

Organize in one place. Balanced Life.

Organize in one place. Balanced Life.

#1 Trello Boards

Trello Boards will easily become the hub that will allow you to build, organize, and streamline all major processes in your life. Essentially, Trello Boards are a virtual cork board found in your office. You create cards that can be pinned to a board. To organize these boards you can place cards under lists. Once a card is created, it can be drag and dropped wherever you like.

The magic of Trello is allowing full customization to your boards and cards. You create what you want and use the cards to organize your thoughts and tasks. You can automate processes, put due dates on cards, and open boards to team members.

On top of all that, if you feel like your boards are not doing what you want. There are hundreds of power ups you can install to make the boards complete powerful processes. Currently, I use the Planyway Calendar which syncs all my cards to one place. This allows me to synthesize my schedule in one place. Trello can sync to gmail and outlook, allowing cards to be created while reading an email.

As I said before, Trello is magical when you take the time to design and build a system that works for you. Give it a try.

#2 Automate a Process with Zapier

Automate the Process. Balanced Life.

Automate the Process. Balanced Life.

If you can automate a process, then why are you wasting your time doing everything yourself? Zapier helps you do just that!

Do you need an event on your Outlook calendar to automatically be placed on your Trello Board? At the same time automate your recurring emails so the right recipients move to the correct list. While simultaneously moving your online order information from your web platform to an organized spreadsheet. Then Zapier is the application for you!

Zapier connects apps together and performs a specific task you have programmed.

Now as always, Zapier will take a little work to automate a process. The program is only as smart as the process you create but there are a plethora of Youtube videos, and blog posts to help you create an zap that does the work for you.

#3 Create quick reminder notes with Google Keep.


Having a quick place to write down quick reminders can be difficult without carrying a notepad with you all the time. Google Keep fixes this problem in a simple platform on your phone.

Create lists, make quick reminders, or note down which area you parked your car. The simplicity of this app is the best part of it. It works quickly and simply which is what you need when you are on the go.

Keep is compatible with chrome web browser and gmail as well. Integrating all the way to your phone when you need it.

Take a minute to create some automation in your life. If we cannot use technology to build a better life for ourselves then we are wasting our bandwidth and potential. And on top of that maybe you will save enough time to do more things you love!