The best thing you can do for yourself over the Holidays.

The holidays are a time of year that come with events, delicious food, and plenty of gifts. With all the caring this time of year, take time to care for yourself at the same time.

A few years ago I was given a beautiful leather bound journal by my aunt. It has my initials embossed into the cover. I wanted to make sure this journal had a special use. Thus, my once a year journal was born.

The morning after New Years Eve celebrations, is usually a somber time for me. Traditionally I come off working a very busy shift in a restaurant, enjoying the quiet morning (or afternoon) with a coffee and the once a year journal.

In the journal, I take time to write down the successes and challenges from the previous year. And write my goals and ideas heading into the new one. This allows me to pause and reflect on my ambitions and to calibrate myself to what it is I’m working on next.

I usually don’t look at the journal again until the next New Year’s day.

Fascinatingly, I seem to achieve most of the goals I put in the journal, even if the goals were quite abstract in their creation. But the best part of this process is taking the time to feel content with my achievements from last year and push myself into the next. It’s also fun to see what I thought was important 2 years ago and what I find important now. Sometimes the big things seem small in hindsight.

I’m sure you have seen the lists of healthy options you can try over the holidays or the statistics of how much weight people put on from all the good food. But I don’t want you to worry about that as we head into 2019.

I want you to take the time to do what feels right for you this holiday season. Think about where you are and where you want to go next. Think about what it would take to achieve those goals. Maybe you are not ready to lay out a plan yet (just wait ‘till January). Envisioning where you want to go next is the first step in really making a positive change in 2019.

Successfully looking inside will look a little different for everyone. Use the holidays as the chance to put your next destination into your GPS. We will design the map starting in 2019.

Happy Holidays from Balanced Life.