Eureka moments are not stationary.

Your focus may be holding you back.

Do you ever feel like your best work is still waiting to be revealed? Maybe you have been here before:

1.       Feeling burnt out after staring at your computer into the wee hours of the morning.

2.       Or maybe you feel like you just keep coming back to the same point in your head, never getting that synthesis towards a great idea.

According to research, your best and most creative work may not come at times of high focus but actually when you pull away to give your brain a rest. Researchers tested participants’ creative thinking with the guilford alternative use test while sitting. Participants then completed the test again after a short walk. 83% of participants saw an increase in their test scores after the walk and those scores stayed high for a residual period of time after the walk was completed.

But what does this mean for you?

Movement may be the key to opening your cortex and releasing your best idea. Our body is designed to focus and de-clutter our fatigued mind when we take the time to get out of our chairs.

Finding movement in your day is easy, but Balanced Life has some ideas to help you on that journey.

#1 Turn your ‘hunker’ down trigger into your ‘get up and go trigger’

We all have a phone. I hear clients say they are glued to the desk because the have conference calls, meetings, or they just need to be there when it rings. Turn this tool into your best movement motivation.

Every time the phone rings, answer it and stand up. Stay standing for the opening part of the call and then sit down when you get to the meat of the conversation. Extra points if you have a blue tooth phone and can walk for the whole call! Just a tiny bit of movement like standing can open your mind and get you back to doing your best work.


#2 Prevent your social media from taking away your brain power.

We grab our phone to quickly see how many likes our latest posts has acquired. And it give us that dopamine kick that keep us coming back for more. Before you know it, you have been sitting for 15 minutes or more. We didn’t get any work done and our brain feels like mush.

Cutting down on our biggest distractions can allow us to get work done faster. Cutting down on mental fatigue and allowing us to recover faster when we take that quick movement break.There are many apps that work for this service. I like Space for your phone and Freedom for blocking websites.


#3 Keep that movement ball rolling with 3 great stretches!

So you got up! Great! But let’s keep that great feeling going with these three stretches. These can be completed in under 1 minute and will prime you to do your best work! Remember that all stretches are done with consistent breathing and only stretching to a point of slight discomfort, not pain!


Standing Neck Stretch

1. Stand keeping your core tight.

2. Lean your head to one side.

3. Press through your hand on the side you are stretching.

4. Hold for 15 seconds.


Standing Upper Back Stretch

  1. Stand keeping your core tight.

  2. Lace your fingers and press them away from your body.

  3. Feel your shoulder blades pull away from each other.

  4. Hold for 15 Seconds.


Standing Carpal Tunnel Stretch

  1. Stand keeping your core tight.

  2. Look at your hand and grab your middle and index finger.

  3. Press your arm out until you feel a slight stretch in your fore arms.

  4. Hold for 15 seconds.


Now go conquer your day! And get that Eureka moment to happen!