It’s funny how I got here.

But I feel like anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry would say the same thing.

And that is why I am the best person to create solutions for your team.

Take a Look:

  • 15 years in the Restaurant Industry at 6 Different styles of restaurants.

  • National Level Competitive Athlete

  • Varsity Coach and Strength and Conditioning Intern

  • Registered Kinesiologist: Specializing in Occupational Health

Really, I have spent most of my upbringing working at some excellent restaurant establishments.

One thing I noticed was that a busy day on the floor would stress me out more that a training day on the ice. My feet would be sore from all the steps I put in. I would hit heart rates comparable to running a marathon.

I started to wonder why my restaurant job made me feel like an athlete without all the support and coaching.

Then I started helping athletes train as a coach. Looking at their nutrition, muscle strength, and energy levels to create a well honed performance.

I began pondering why we aren’t creating great restaurant employees in the way we make great athletes.

Aaron McCullagh, Guelph Ontario

Aaron McCullagh, Guelph Ontario


AND THEN I went to school and became a kinesiologist. I learned the skills of helping employees perform better. I studied how to keep them safe at work while also creating systems to create effective returns for business performance.

I was downright surprised that most restaurants didn’t know that we can support their employees and in turn create better returns for their business.

And that is why I created Balanced Life.

I want to create solutions for the industry that helped shape who I am today. I want people to be excited when they come to work for their shift. I want you to know that you have an ally in your corner.

So join me as we change the restaurant industry and boost performance at the same time.